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The company currently purchases unprocessed coffee from farmers and cooperatives throughout Uganda and is presently the largest purchaser of coffee in the country.
Pan Afric (U) Ltd.
, then processes the purchased ‘green’ coffee and grades it.  The graded coffee is then packed in 60kg jute bags for bagged shipment or is stored in the silos for bulk shipment as necessary.

Pan Afric Impex (U) Ltd has an agency purchase network in coffee growing parts of Uganda, a modern laboratory with state-of the art equipment  considered to be among the best in Uganda in terms of retention with consistent quality. The company markets its high quality coffee to major coffee buyers in the world including Douwe Egberts, Sara Lee, Barliny of Decotrade, Socadec SA  and other coffee trading houses such as Louis Dreyfus, Suiker Exports, Andira Netherlands, Volcafe, Aziende among others.

Pan Afric Impex (U) Ltd has managed to maintain a steady growth and a well-respected name in the international market as well as the local one. The high standard and quality of coffees supplied by Pan Afric Impex (U) Ltd. to its numerous buyers has received commendations from various international business communities.  After being nominated by their peers in the business community for a variety of awards for excellence during the year 2003.

  • The international market for coffees continues to grow and the Government of Uganda continues to lend its support to coffee growers throughout the country through its various governing bodies i.e., Uganda Coffee Trade Federation and Uganda Coffee Development Authority.
  • Through these bodies, the Government is able to monitor the export of coffee as well as enable the coffee growers and exporters channel their concerns and their proposals.
  • Pan Afric Impex (U) Ltd, is a member of the Uganda Coffee Trade Federation. As well as all the varieties of  Robusta Coffees, Pan Afric Impex (U) Ltd. is also able to offer quality Arabic Coffees of the Bugisu AA, AB and Wugar varieties.

Pan Afric Impex (U) Ltd., is intent of maintaining its position as the leading exporter of Uganda Coffees by ensuring that we only process and export a superior quality of coffee.  It is this attention to quality, efficiency and punctuality that has allowed the company to achieve the success we have enjoyed thus far and will keep the company in this illustrious position.


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Coffee Division
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